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10 Carnation Pink Glue Sticks for Drippy Deco sauce, cell phone deco etc (mini size)


10 pink glue sticks for pink carnation deco sauce, filling molds etc...

These glue sticks are so awesome. They can be used to to create a drippy sauce that can be used on cell phones cases and to decorate fake miniature sweets, jewelry etc.... They can be used to make wax seals on envelopes. They can also be used to fill silicone molds to make your own cabochons quickly and easily. The last 2 images shows a cabochon made from my light pink glue stick as well as a decorated cell phone. Super easy!

Please note I will be selling my own brand of happykawaii deco syrup, whipped cream and frosting shortly! These will all be made by me and produced in the US!

Size: approx. 0.7cm (Diameter) x 9.5cm (L)

Quantity: 10 pcs

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