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10 Miniature Ice Cream Cup For Decoden Fake Food Ice Cream Sundaes, #DH84


This listing is for cute miniature cups used to make a faux decoden dessert. You will get 10 cups! We have provided a shot tutorial at the bottom for you!

Size: 33x30mm

Quantity: 10 cups

♥♥♥Happykawaiisupplies Miniature Dessert & Drink Tutorial ♥♥♥

The world of miniature sweets and foods can be really wonderful and exciting. This tutorial provides a materials list and some helpful tips to get you started. Most of the items can be found in my shop, but you may need to purchase a few items that I do not carry.

MATERIAL LIST (all found in my shop)

Miniature cups, glasses, plates and bowls

Decoden whipped cream glue

Glass or polymer clay sprinkles and micro marbles

Glass or polymer clay straws

Miniature silverware

Desert cabochons

Fake ice cubes

Polymer clay chocolate shavings

Miniature silicone fruit


1mm drill bits

Eye pin

Jump rings


Miniature plates bowls and parfait glasses can be filled with decoden whipped cream glue to simulate desserts, milkshakes, etc. I have 25 colors of decoden whipped cream glue that I sell in my store that you can use. Happykawaiisupplies whipped cream glue is non toxic so it is safe to use inside, it comes with decorating tips and it is water based so clean up is a snap. After you have piped in your whipped cream onto your dish, plate, etc.…you can add glass or polymer sprinkles which look just like real sprinkles, sliced fruit canes, silicone fruit, straws or miniature silver ware. You can also attach an eye screw at this point to make it into a charm.

If you do not want to make your desserts with decoden whipped cream, you can glue a miniature food cabochon onto your plate or bowl using e6000. Please note E6000 gives off toxic fumes so use it in a well-ventilated area. If you want to make your fake food creation into a charm you will need to drill a hole to add an eye pin or a jump ring. I sell drill bits that make the perfect sized hole for my eye pins and jump rings!

You can make miniature drinks by filling you glass or cup with clear or colored resin. You can add fake ice cubes, sliced from fruit canes and glass or silicone straws while the resin is still wet. All resins are different so please read the directions on the box and follow the safety precautions.

These are just a few suggestion and there hundreds of other miniatures you can make. If you are interested in more tutorials.

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