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Grass Green Metallic Crispy Bingsu Beads for Crunchy Slime, Iridescent Straw Beads, 3D Glitter, Slime Supply,


These are light weight bingsu beads for crunchy slime. They are flexible so they do not hurt your hands and can be used to make the crunchiest Bingsu Bead slime.

We have them available in three sizes and you can pick a 25 gram or 100 gram bag in the drop-down menu!

The 25 gram bags are about 4x6 inche

The 100g bags are about 6x10 inches.

We do not recommend these for beading as they are fragile, the average size is 2mm per 'bead.'

Please note because shipping is calculated at the largest bag size you may get refunded for your excess shipping if the calculation is not correct.

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