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Large Egg Toast Polymer Clay Food Slice Non Edible Sprinkles, Faux Bread, Fake Polymer Clay Sprinkles, Miniature Food, M249


These polymer clay egg toast sprinkles slices are awesome for general crafting, making miniature dollhouse desserts, etc... These are already baked, but you can also re-bake them if you are incorporating them into your polymer clay creations!

The toasts are around 10mm and are a thicker cut sprinkle.

You can choose from 2 different sizes of zip top bags full of slices!

The small bag is 2 inch by 2 inch and you will get approx. 15 grams. The larger bag is 2 inch by 3 inch and you will get approx. 30g.

Each container/bag will slightly vary in weight due to thickness of slices.

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