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Large Penguin Polymer Clay Sprinkles, Penguin Sprinkles, Fimo Fake Sprinkle Mix, Decoden Jimmies, P54


These NON-EDIBLE polymer clay sprinkles are adorable and look like real, honest-to-goodness sprinkles! They can be used in crafts such as slime, fake baked goods, shaker cards, resin casting, snow globes, tumblers, decoden whipped cream, decorated phone cases, sensory bins, polymer clay projects, nail art, and more.

All of our polymer clay sprinkles come pre-baked, but can also be baked again as needed. Please note that if the mix includes rhinestones, pearls, or other embellishments, we suggest testing them beforehand as they may not withstand the temperatures of polymer clay baking.

We now offer four sizes: Container, 15g, 30g, and 100g. Please refer to the photos for size reference. If you purchase multiple lots, they may be packed together in a larger bag with the weight written on it.

Twist Top Container size: 30x17mm and holds 3-5g.
15g bag size: 2x2 inches
30g bag size: 2x3 inches
100g bag size: 4x5 inches

Mixes that contain pearls, rhinestones, and/or thick-cut sprinkles may be heavier than plain sprinkles. If your bag is not completely full, it is because we measure by weight, not volume. Also, please note that some of the thicker sprinkles may not be available in the container size, as we cannot fit enough sprinkles in them to make it a good value.

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These are not real sprinkles and are not meant to be eaten. Please keep them out of reach of children

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