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White Marshmallow Style Foam Beads for Slime, 4 cups by volume


These are white marshmallow style foam beads for crunchy/cereal slime. They are perfect for large and small batches of slime.

You will get one bag of approx. 4 cups of foam beads. Please note we use different sized bags occasionally so your bag may not be completely full. You are getting the correct amount though since we measure them out by volume.

If you want to color these here is a simple tutorial

1. Place marshmallow beads in a ziplock bag and leave lots of extra room.

2. Add a few drops of really good quality acrylic paint. (crappy paint does

not work) House paint also works surprisingly well.

3. Zip up bag and squish them around till they are well coated.

4. Pour your beads into a thin layer onto a sheet of baking paper and let dry.

This is the key. They have to be really really really dry. If there is any

moisture it will bleed because the paint does not become water resistant

until it has dried and cured. I would suggest leaving them for a few days. If

you can place them in the hot sun that helps too.

5. As they are drying you can break them up so there are no clumps. If there is any moisture trapped between the beads let them dry longer! You really cannot over dry them!

6. Use them as you would regular foam beads, but always add them at the


7. Have fun!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Shannon Leginus
Mellow Love!

Bought these a few weeks ago for a Slime add-in and immediately went back to purchase more. We absolutely LOVE the texture and they stick into the slime well, unlike other foams that tend to fall out as you play with them. Thank you!


great beads for slime